Results got me thinking!

The final semester results just came in last night. And out of nowhere I got that feeling that one always gets before seeing any kind of result. That pukish feeling in the stomach came in first followed by the funny feeling n the head as I slowly waited for the pink line in my browser to reach the destination. And then there it was. I had cleared with good grades. By good grades I mean according to me because I had fared so badly.

And yeah lets come to the how did I feel part. I felt HAPPY. Not the top of the world or on cloud nine happy. It was a simple happy. But I truly believe it’s all because the good Lord had an inside job on this. Without him clearing a mountain of around fifty or so really crappy and utterly baseless papers would have been impossible. Faith as small as a mustard seed sure does move mountains. I stand an example.

So why was it a simple happy? Putting aside the fact that it is official that I survived through engineering, I felt like an absolute idiot who has wasted four precious years of her life. In India most of the parents blindly push their kids into a specific college because of so many factors. They forget the simple fact that if a kid doesn’t do what he likes, all his life he is going to mull over it. And the only two professions their eyes are trained to look at is engineering or medicine. If you don’t get enough marks to get into medicine they push you into engineering. But if you’re super rich that kid is doomed he goes into medicine.

And we can’t blame the parents alone for this stuck up mindset. It is with the students too. We always make a fuss over everything be it food or clothes or pocket money or whatever we talk back. But the one moment that we really need to talk back and that too very strongly talk back is when you make an important decision as this. And more than half of us fail at that.

Most of my college mates hated engineering and there was not one day that people did not curse it. Yet right now everybody goes on face book saying feeling accomplished yaay I’m finally an engineer n all of that usual drama. And all i look at them and say is seriously dude are you an engineer? Well if mugging up and vomiting on the exam sheet makes you an engineer. Congrats you are one!

Dear people please wake up and think. Don’t be stuck up still. Go out explore things. Try to bury the stereotypes. Do what you like; you will surely be the best at it. Money doesn’t matter, happiness does. It’s not like I’m different. I’m one of you too, trying slowly to stand on my own. More of crappy thoughts ill save for later. See ya! 🙂



My Person!

My person and me!

My person and me!

What would make a great first post rather than writing about the person I cherish the most in this world, Norah. The person who grew up with me , the person I would call up if I murdered someone, the person I would never ever grow tired of, the person with whom I can act totally crazy with and she wouldn’t mind, the person who would be mine no matter what. She is my person. She means more to me than just a sister.

We spent our childhood in a quaint little boarding school down south. We were still blooming when we were scooted off to this place. Well, it somehow played a major role in us being there for each other. She came in two years after me. At the age of eight, I played the protective big sissy role to this poor little thing. She was so intimidated and shy that she would come in the night and sleep on my bed. We both were weird in a funny way. We used to love being down with a cold or a fever because that’s when we got rice gruel and it was a dish we absolutely loved while the other kids detested.

When I was in my fifth grade we shifted to being day’s scholars in Chennai. Being free of rules and constraints was a new thing for us. We bonded over television and girly games. This was a very fun period. We always used to play , play and play utterly silly stuff. Even when I ended up being the sole cause for her getting stitches in the mouth we played.

The next stage was the period of the so-called important exams every Indian student has to go through. She had her 10th n me my 12th. And now my parents decided we needed more coaching and put us off in a place that shouldn’t be called a school because it was more like being behind bars. Anyways since we were the uncomplaining goodie little ladies, we did whatever was asked of ours.        Somewhere through the years the age difference vanished. Norah seemed to understand me just perfectly. And there was no other friend that could replace her. I couldn’t open up totally to anyone but her. She surprised me by acting like the older one and would give her view on things. When everything else in life seemed to be going haywire she kept me going.

 Just when I thought I would always have her. Life decided to give a twist. It robbed me off my prized possession and put her in Philippines to study. Though technology has helped me stop missing her to an extent nothing can obviously match the physical presence. I await the day when she will come back because there is a lot of years to make up for. And I’m sure when she comes back nothing between us would have changed.