The report that did me a whole lot of good!

What is the purpose of your life?. I have always avoided answering this and dreaded the day when it would come flying right into me demanding an answer. Well the day did come.It was today and it was in the form of an assignment. My team leader or trainer or boss sorts at work asked all of us to do a self analysis and bring up a report sorts on ourselves.Easier said than done.Right?
The moment he said this i was stumped.I was basically lost.Not just then but always. But there is a point of time in everyone’s life when its essential to answer this. We were not just put here to be average we were put here for a greater purpose.I knew this but did not see it because it meant treading the path that not many people took.
So then i sat down to pour out all of me feelings into the screen that was staring at me.Thank god it did not have the ability to talk back.Who knows what it would say to all my rants.I saw some motivational videos today and one of them spoke something about meditating everyday.So i thought why not start off with a little bit of meditation.
I closed my eyes and i broke into a gospel song as usually is my practice because all the talks about finding my purpose was mentally and physically a pain. And there i saw one thing that i always dreamt of doing. Singing alone in a stage somewhere. That is one of my dream.Be it in a church or somewhere.Its on my lists to do n life. Just for the joy of it.
I basically want to be happy with life. At the end of each day i want to feel incredibly happy about the stuff i did. I would love to be the cause of somebody’s smile. I want to help people in the littlest way there is. There is no joy to me than that. A random strangers smile always brightens my day.So to come to think of it i would love that makes a difference in the lives of people.
Okay now let me start off with this..the human mind has always fascinated me. Reading about different characters made me wonder how amazing the human mind is. But i have not delved in depth about them.Just an interest. But i sometimes fancied myself as a a psychologist or a consultant or a forensic expert. Yes once upon a time i really wanted to be a detective but then i thought there were no detectives in India.
Restaurants is the next idea.Well that just sprang up on me like out of the blue. Two reasons i can give for that. One is the coolness of owning one and the other is the fact that it brings joy to people.learning hotel management was on my wish lists too.
I would love teaching English to the illiterate. I also cherish the dream of becoming a writer. I tried many attempts at getting somewhere but always failed at it. If not a book i try to be useful where ever i can. Journalism is another area i saw myself in.
I really love doing crafts. It did not come to me recently it was always there in me . I used to make cards for people from all the junk i had at home. That i could make something to gift people brought me absolute joy.
It sometimes really helps to ask the closest of your friends to come up with a probable job posting for you.And so asked some of my friends where they saw me and this is the list i got

1. Writer
2. Psychologist
3. Journalist
4. Teacher
5. Artist

Funnily impressive right? Well artist I don’t even know how it got there but then again that is people’s perception of you.
So bottom line is people somehow saw me doing unconventional stuff as these and that is my longing too. To do something simple and happy n of course somehow find a way to make revenue by doing this.
But everything that I dream is not a fast revenue seeking one and there lays the problem. I want to change how our society thinks and our education system. I feel with these two changes our society will be a better place.
To sum it all up deep down I want to take on a simple job and find a whole lot of joy in it. But the world being what it is has taken a toll on me and though I am slowly transforming.Looks like i am somewhere stuck. So firstly I want to make money prove my people n carry on with myself doing what i like 🙂


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