The 12 day simple writing exercises plan- Day 1

Task-Write 10 potential book titles of books you’d like to write.

Funnily serious – This would be about all the funny things that are actually deep down serious.

Just another typical love story- My own 😛

My thingsAll of us have our own things and this is going to be all of my weird stuff.

The over thinker- The good bad and ugly of being one

People – My fascination for them. Self explainable

Bruno- In the memory of the dog i never had

A girl in the spray- About my experience in the spray industry

Short stories if your dead bored-Self explainable

Phew! –I dont know what this is going to be about

To my baby- An everyday book for my baby from the time its formed.


LOL! I am done after much thought.Love my list :P)Drop in your potential titles below! 🙂